Alpha XL Mold and Tool

"ALPHA XL is first for Quality and Service"


"Manufacturing is more than just putting parts together. It's coming up with ideas, testing principles and perfecting the engineering, as well as final assembly." -James Dyson

Mold Making & Engineering

30+ years of mold making experience on precision molds for automotive, electronic, medical and commercial products. Alpha XL Mold is committed to be FIRST for Quality and Service.

3D Design, CAD/CAM

3D CAD Files & Models are standard tools for Design and Manufacturing at ALPHA XL. Product Development, & Manufacturing Technology is our sequence to develop Tooling for our Customer's Products. Excellent Communication and Management.

CNC Machining

Alpha XL Mold's Engineering prepares models for Tool Shop CNC Department to develop machining programs and fabricate components and electrodes to manufacture quality molds efficiently and with high quality.


CNC EDM plus Conventional Electrical Discharge Machining provided with accurate tooling holders and manufactured on CNC machining centers; It's effective for creating 3D geometry, Forms and Threading in hardened tool steels.

Mold Repair - ECO's - Refurbish

Our main purpose is the local availability to provide our Customers with Mold Repair; Engineering Changes and Mold Refurbish; All of this as a local supplier at our facilities in South Texas / Border of Mexico. We have experienced personnel to provide these services to our Customers, right here always on time!

Prototype to Production

As a full service company, we develop your initial concept from Engineering through Prototype to Production Molds. Our Partners overseas support us to develop Quick Engineering; DFM’s and Full development of Manufacturing. We manufacture and provide Overseas Molds; Hybrid Molds and Complete Molds in house for a variety of services.


Alpha XL Mold is a complete custom mold manufacturing company that specializes in manufacturing high-precision injection molds for plastic injection. Our team is dedicated to making sure we provide quality work for every customer, consistently and professionally.


"Becoming First in Quality and Service had a beginning."


Alpha XL Mold & Tool is a Manufacturing Company, with 15 years in business in the RGV of Texas; Dedicated to Customers in South USA and Mexico border. Owner / Manager with 30+ years experience in mold making and an experienced staff; We Engineer and build molds in house; Build Hybrid molds and manage Overseas Engineering Design and Build of Plastic Injection Molds. Our service is bilingual and bi-cultural; We service Automotive, Electronic, Medical and Commercial markets. We pride to be First for Quality and Service.

Business Info

  •   956-519-1100
  •   601 Melba Carter St, Mission, TX 78572


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